Greetings Unity Church Family,


We are coming upon spring here at Unity Church and we are seeing the tail end of Omicron's explosion here in Massachusetts. While the future is uncertain, we can hope for no more curveballs in this pandemic. Our Unity Church family commits to making hybrid online/in-person worship going forward for the safety of everyone. We have explored many spiritual topics this church year, including Hebrew and Christian scriptures, sabbath practices, global interconnection, cultural misappropriation and indigenous peoples' rights. Here at Unity Church we believe that our lives contain spiritual importance and worth and our actions matter for building a beloved community. We believe in a living religion where the voices of the past shed light on our shared journey but our steps and theirs are not one and the same as time and change bring new contexts for our spiritual growth and learning.


If you are experiencing change and having difficulty or celebration, I invite you to be in touch. We are a community and with one another we can weather difficult storms. There are many talents and skills in this community and no one has to go it alone.


Remember, you are good, you are loved, and I hope you have peace.