Hello Unity Church Family,


I am out of the pulpit over the summer and my family has a few trips planned to see family and the Cape. I am available for pastoral emergencies if you have experienced losses, health concerns, or other life crises and you need to talk to someone. Contacting me through email is best, but I am not always able to respond urgently. If you know someone with sudden financial difficulties the discretionary fund is under the auspices of the Executive Committee President and resources can be provided. I look forward to seeing you in the fall as we hope to resume in person/streaming hybrid services. We have a need for volunteer support for our worship, and if you would be willing to assist us this fall please contact Cheryl Brigante who is our worship committee chair.


Enjoy your summer and please remember to bring water from your summer sojourns to our water communion service on September 12th.




Dr. Andrew Tripp

Coordinator of Ministry

Unity Church Easton