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In the midst of our current situation, times of social distancing and economic uncertainty, there is a lot causing an uptick in anxiety. I know I'm not the only one whose sleep was disturbed lately. Still, we are a community. If financial times are tight and you or someone close to you needs a hand, please reach out because Unity Church has some discretionary funds to ensure food is on the table and your home has heat.

The theme for April is forgiveness. On April 5th we will have a service about self-forgiveness. There is a story of a monk who violated one of his vows, and he confessed and received a penance but felt he still wasn't forgiven, so he went to another confessor and received a second penance, but still did not feel forgiven. He finally went to St. Columba and told him about his vow violation, and how he did not feel forgiven after the first two confessions. Columba gave him a much more harsh penance, not for violating the vow, but for doubting the capacity of sacred forgiveness.


April 12th is our Easter Sunday. Easter often is thought of as a time of atonement, where Jesus' sacrifice reconciles humanity and divinity. Such theology is like a medieval court, debts to the king must be paid. What if atonement and reconciliation was not about debts and punishment, but about return to community. The Easter Story in this light helps us understand forgiveness in a new way.


April 26th is a celebration of wisdom from world religions on the power of forgiveness and atonement. Stories from Buddha being spat on, the Talmud showing the power of forgiveness being in the heart of the wronged, and Korean Minjung understandings of han will help us see the manifold ways faithful people experience forgiveness.




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