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Dear Unity Church Family,

Leaked news of the overturn of Roe hit us hard this summer, but the events of the Supreme Court in the last few days feel profoundly hypocritical. Societies that believe in human dignity believe in the value of people, of privacy, of bodily autonomy.

Sadly, we see a court that believes rights to concealed firearms are more important than rights to not die as a result of firearms proliferating through America. We see a court that believes people who can bear children are second class citizens who do not have a right to due process, privacy in healthcare decision making, or authority over their bodies. Justice Thomas indicated in his opinion that the Supreme Court should review Obergefell, Lawrence, and Griswold since he does not believe there is a constitutional right to contraception, to consenting adults engaging in private acts of intimacy, or to same sex marriages. While he did not include it in his opinion, his legal standing would also also implicate Loving, the case that upheld the right for interracial marriages. It is interesting since his own marriage is legal because of the Loving decision.


We as people with moral voices know that it is our responsibility to speak up, to respond. While we in New England are currently safe for reproductive health, nothing in the decision would prevent the federal government from outlawing reproductive health nationally. It is an issue that hits close to home.


After Rory was a toddler, we attempted to have a second child. In the process we came to learn that an infection had scarred Lynn's fallopian tubes and that they were blocked. After Lynn underwent a surgical procedure to have them opened, the surgeon saw the extent of the problem and had to remove one of the tubes and harm to the other likely meant a pregnancy would be ectopic. Under several states a procedure to save her life would now be illegal. Access to healthcare to ensure the life of my spouse and mother of Rory would be illegal in large sections of America under the decision rendered by the court. You all know people whose lives are impacted by reproductive healthcare.


Those with means will find a way to ensure care. Those who are poor will be the ones who suffer most. The decision will disproportionately harm our inner cities and minority communities. Once again in America those who already have it hardest carry the largest measure of pain. I urge you to contact your elected officials and share with them your voices about the value of human dignity, your commitment to the health and liberty of people who are or may become pregnant. I urge you to speak to your neighbors and community about the necessity of common sense gun legislation. Our moral voice must be raised in such trying times.


Please know that while I am away from the pulpit this summer, if you would like to speak about these concerning events I am available. Our community is never far away.


Best, Andrew

Dr. Andrew Tripp

Coordinator of Ministry, Unity Church of North Easton


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