I saw a silly cartoon this month where God was talking to the angels and God asked the angels what they were doing and they told God they had placed everything on God's list for 2020 into action. God said don't you mean my list for the 2020's and they responded "oh, sugar" in a more colorful fashion. As we enter into October, I want us to think of the ways 2020 has felt like one of the longest decades any of us experienced and ground ourselves in good practices that help us cope, self-soothe, and self-regulate. Our theme for the month is Emotional Intelligence, and as we see from the difficulty of kids learning virtually, adults working virtually, that social and emotional learning is very important and not taught quite enough at all stages of life.


On October 4th we will experience "Empathy, being here for today and tomorrow." Compassion fatigue happens not because we've felt too much and are tired of our feelings, but rather because we've become numb to our feelings. Learning empathy, building and growing empathy happens when we embrace all of our feelings, including those emotions we'd describe as negative or hurtful. For us to feel tomorrow, to really be present to tomorrow, we need to be present to our feelings today even if they are hard or unpleasant. 


On October 25th we will have our annual day with the dead service. We have lost so many people whose lives made ours much richer and fuller. They live on in us, in our memories and stories, in our choices and in our dreams. Please bring images to share of your deceased loved ones that we all may feast in their memory.





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