Jordan Potash, Music Coordinator


I am thrilled to be returning for another year at Unity. I consider myself lucky to be a part of such a vibrant and welcoming community, and to be able to share music with all of you every week in our beautiful sanctuary. I have a few thoughts surrounding the music for the upcoming church year. 


First, I would like to encourage more congregation participation in the music program. This doesn't necessarily have to mean members of the congregation getting up and singing solos, although that also would be great. Rather, I want to welcome an ongoing dialogue between myself and the congregation regarding what you are wanting and needing from the music in services. So please, come up to me in coffee hour and tell me what kind of music you're craving to hear in church, or even just let me know what you've been listening to lately. I'm all ears!     

Second, I intend to further our departure from sticking rigidly to the hymnals as a source of songs the congregation sings together. Singing the Living Tradition and Singing the Journey are both great resources, and certainly still have a place in our worship services. I'll still include old congregation favorites and some of the newer songs from both books, but I believe that for musical growth and exploration it will be greatly beneficial to expand the realm of possibilities for congregation songs. 


Going along with what I mentioned above, I would love to hear feedback from you, the congregation, on the hymns. I invite you to please let me know when you hear a hymn you'd like to hear again, or if there's any hymns you'd absolutely not like to hear again. I think this will all lead to a more fulfilling musical experience. I look forward to another great year at Unity Church!


I hope to see you a church,

Jordan Potash, Coordinator of Music


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