Sunday Worship Services

10:30 a.m.   September - June

10:00 a.m.   July - August

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Monthly Themes



September Theme: Truth

October Theme : Covenant

November Theme : Democracy 

December Theme : Mission/Vision 

January Theme : Compassion 

February Theme : Mystery

March Theme : Generosity

April Theme : Forgiveness 

May Theme : Virtual Worship Services

A recording of most services will be available on Facebook in the afternoon.


May 3rd: The sermon will be titled Feats of Strength. Many professional strongmen and strongwomen are streaming world record breaking feats of strength during this time of social distancing. That entertainment helps us see the many ways humans can be pushed to show the power of the human body and the human spirit. Similarly with the global concert was a way of sharing feats of musical strength with the world. What is most powerful at this time is the display of human spirit in the face of struggle and difficulty, and that is something to celebrate.


May 10th: Mother's Day From Mothers - With guest experts on the spirituality of mothering, especially reinforced by this time of day cares being closed, mothering holds great meaning to us and something we must uplift in our celebration of life.


May 17th: Heroes Wear Masks - Superheroes wear masks to protect their secret identities, letting them fight villains while protecting their private lives. We are now wearing masks to keep each other safe. You've probably noticed by now my beard is gone since the N95 respirator requires no facial hair to form an effective seal to protect me and my family from my patients. Stories from real life heroes at this time inspire us to see the superpowers of courage, compassion, and heroic dilligence.


May 24th: Cluster Service, Lest We Forget, hosted by Unitarian Church of Sharon. The family/children's service is 10-10:25 AM, and adult worship is at 10:30. They also invite anyone interested to stick around after the adult service for a virtual coffee hour where we break into groups. Information for the Virtual service will be available later. 


May 31st: 1816 The Year Without a Summer - Due to a volcanic eruption, global temperatures cooled in 1816 with widespread global food shortages, weather emergencies, but also innovations that lead to the modern bicycle and Mary Shelley writing Frankenstein. This summer there are many safety considerations that make us think back to that time and wonder what lessons we can learn in this time as life as usual has become quite unusual.

June Theme : Sabbath 

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