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Worship Services in February 2022


February 6th: Resisting Vietnam - King's Global Theology, Dr. Andrew Tripp, preaching. In his address at Riverside, King came out against the Vietnam War and the ways America was disingenuous by demanding peace at home while engaging in global violence. As a nation we did not learn the lesson with Vietnam, and we repeated the mistake with our interactions with Afghanistan. Peace flows from justice, development, education, and community building rising from the local community out to the larger world. 



February 13th: Remembering Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Dr. Andrew Tripp, preaching.. The world lost a great leader with the death of Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He was a religious leader in South Africa under apartheid and rightfully led the church to be for the most marginalized and most in need. His lifelong engagement with nonviolence was focused on compassion and redemptive love. Peace came through suffering and moral transformation and we do well to honor his memory.


February 20th, 10:30 on ZOOM: Cluster Service : Widening the Circle: Learning and Practicing in our Communities. First Parish Stoughton will be our hosts. Stoughton has been totally Lay Led for over a year now.  They are asking themselves how they can become a community resource for their local communities. They would like each congregation to share how our congregation feels about "Widening the Circle", what activities inspire us and how we envision our future.  There will be an email sent out shortly asking for Unity views on these topics. 

February 27th, "How do we live our lives knowing we are going to die? ", Anne Fredericks, lay leader.  Anne shares views of prophetic writers and personal stories. 

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