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Monthly Themes




Upcoming Services 10:30 am, Zoom

May Theme is Mindfulness


May 2, 2021, Dr. Andrew Tripp Preaching on mindfulness meditation. In meditation our minds are not like vacuums, void of content. Rather, it is a place where we recognize what our thoughts and feelings are, keeping our emotions and perceptions in the present without judgment on them. We will practice mindfulness based meditations in the service to put in practice approachable forms of spirituality.


May 9, 2021, Megan Visser,  An Ode to Pandemic ParentsIn our personal lives and communities, we honor parents and grandparents in many different ways -- on special days of the year and in other acts of praises. Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the ways in which US policy and programs have failed to adequately support parents and families. Unpaid labor caring for children also falls most heavily on women. On this Mother’s Day, how do we translate our love of mothering into social action? Beyond the praises of the day, how might we improve our care for parents in our communities? Join Rev. Megan in a service of love for mothering in all its forms through words, ritual, and music.  


May 16, 2021,Dr. Andrew Tripp Preaching on “Stress Robbing Us of the Present.” The pandemic brought to our attention how much our executive function is impacted by stress. The ever-present flood of negative news flows over us and takes us away from our current context. Anxiety races our mind to the future, but we only have control over the present. Good judgement, clear headed thoughts, these require us to intentionally return to our centering practices. Returning our thoughts and minds from our stresses to the present is something we must to again and again. 


May 23, 2021, TBD


May 30, 2021, CLUSTER Service hosted by Unitarian Church of Sharon. "Stories of Remembrance" 


Past Services

April Theme is Respect

April 4, 2021, Easter, Dr. Andrew Tripp Preaching; We will take a second look at Easter, examining what it means to take a second look and to still maintain some incredulity

April 11, 2021,  Dr. Andrew Tripp Preaching; We will discuss “Respect for the Interdependent Web”.

April 18, 2021, Cluster service

April 25, 2021, TBD.

March Theme is Mercy

March 7, 2021, Dr. Andrew Tripp, Preaching; "Interfaith Mercy." 

March 14, 2021, Side with Love Sunday Worship service, provided by the UUA. 

March 21, 2021, Dr. Andrew Tripp, Preaching; "Lessons Learned in Hospice." .

March 28, 2021, Guest Minister, Rev. Michelle Walsh.  "Spiritual Practices for Challenging Times" 

February Theme is Kindness

Feb. 7, 2021, Emerson Covenant Group; Kindness. 

Feb.14, 2021, Five Point Cluster Service; Side With Love; Build Beloved Community Hosted by FPUU-Canton and led by Rev. Bev 

Feb. 21, 2021, Dr. Andrew Tripp, Preaching; We will have "Valentine's Remastered"

Feb. 28, 2021, Guest Minister, Rev. Michelle Walsh

January Theme is Spirituality

Jan.3, 2021, Dr. Andrew Tripp, Preaching; He wil be leading a service titled "Breath and Spirit" 

Jan. 10, 2021, Rev. Joanna Lubkin, Preaching. "Prayer for Atheists". 

Jan. 17, 2021, Dr. Andrew Tripp, Preaching; This service will be titled "Beloved Community/Antiracist Community." 

Jan. 24, 2021,  Cheryl Brigante, Lay Leader. Sharing a sermon “ Moment of Truth” written by Rev. Sara Campbell.

Jan 31, 2021, Dr. Andrew Tripp, Preaching; We will explore spirituality with Spiritual Autobiography, finding moments of the sacred in our lives.

Sunday services will be held using the Zoom software and will be posted on Facebook in the afternoon.